Los Alamitos Glider Training Squadron 41
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Commanders Corner

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Maj Tom Barbre for his four years of dedication as the Sq 41 Commander. During his tenure, he sustained flight operations during the COVID crisis, managed through both gliders being unavailable for flight and an inoperative winch, seeing a student pilot go off to the United States Air Force Academy, and most notable was securing new sheds, a truck, and a new building. Thank you for setting up Sq 41 to achieve even greater success in 2024.

Second, every successful organization is usually driven by the hard work of a few people, think of the "80/20 Rule." This rule states that 80% of the work is accomplished by 20% of the people. That said, we have a very dedicated team that has continued to operate at a high level where I firmly believe we are one of the top CAP glider operations in the nation.

Finally, as we start this new year, I have some thoughts about how we can build on the current status of our organization to achieve even better results. There is more information to follow about these thoughts. 

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