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Fall 2021 - Tom Rooney

On October 24 2021Tom Rooney had a flight of 32 minutes at Los Alamitos Army Air Field, using a winch launch. Usually, flights are only around 6 minutes duration because there is not much lift to be found. On this day on this flight, he got lucky and found an unusual amount of lift that took him from 1300 feet to 1900 feet. There were wispy clouds in the area and the temperature was fairly low, it’s speculated that there was a convergence that occurred, and he was in the right place at the right time. He also had a flight of 20 minutes on Oct 26, 2021.    

Spring 2021 - John Osborne


Fall 2020 - Caleb Ngyuen

Caleb Nguyen is an aspiring glider pilot who soloed on 10-12-2020, and his current goal is to become a doctor. 

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