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This webpage lists a variety of training courses/materials available through either Civil Air Patrol (CAP), Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF), or Squadron 41. 

Required courses/video to fly gliders with Squadron 41 (Orientation Rides, Training Flights, Currency/Proficiency Flights):

Tow Pilot course through the Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF):

Glider Orientation Flight Syllabus:

  • Ground Handling, Preflight, Takeoff & Landing

  • Normal Glider Flight Maneuvers

  • Advanced Glider Flight Maneuvers

  • Use of Instruments in Soaring Flight

  • Weather

Glider Training Syllabus

Glider Ground School Syllabus:

  • Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)

  • Accident reporting requirements 

  • Use AIM and FAA ACs 

  • Use of aeronautical charts for VFR navigation using pilotage, dead reckoning, and navigation systems; 

  • Radio communication procedures; 

  • Weather recognition, windshear avoidance, and aeronautical weather reports and forecasts; 

  • Safe and efficient operation of aircraft, including collision avoidance, and recognition and avoidance of wake turbulence; 

  • Density altitude 

  • Weight and balance 

  • Principles of aerodynamics, powerplants, and aircraft systems

  • Stall awareness, spin entry, spins, and spin recovery techniques 

  • Aeronautical decision making 

  • Preflight action — runway lengths, takeoff and landing distances, weather reports and forecasts, and altitude requirements 

  • Preflight action — Alternatives if the planned flight cannot be completed 

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